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Private Bayrampaşa Hospital, which started operating in Bayrampaşa in 1998, has started to serve as Private Rami Hospital in its new location in Rami center with the mission of being a reliable, accessible and preferred private hospital by renewing its physical infrastructure, academic and expert staff, and medical device technologies.

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Tummy Tuck

Tummy Tuck

Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty)

It is possible to see excess weight gain and loss, hormonal conditions, lubrication in the abdomen after previous pregnancies, sagging of the skin, formation of skin cracks and laxity of the abdominal muscles. In these cases, tummy tuck surgery is applied.

Especially people with sagging abdominal skin and abdominal muscle laxity that do not improve with appropriate diet and exercise are suitable candidates for tummy tuck surgery. Abdominoplasty should be considered more as a tummy tuck surgery without losing weight.

Before deciding on tummy tuck surgery, if the patient is overweight, it is recommended to lose weight and reduce to the ideal weight. Since the abdominal skin thickness is high in overweight patients, it is not easy to achieve as good results as in normal weight patients. Therefore, diet and exercise are recommended first. Patients who come for sagging after losing weight with exercise and diet are among the most suitable patient group.

How is the surgery done?

When the ligaments between the muscles in the anterior abdominal wall are weakened and torn, separations occur between the muscles. The abdomen appears outwardly protruding and sagging due to the pressure of its internal organs. With tummy tuck surgeries, the abdominal muscles are tightened, the anterior abdominal wall is narrowed, and excess fat and skin tissues are removed. With this surgery, the location of the sagging belly button can also be changed. With tummy tuck surgery, although the cracks in the abdomen do not completely go away, most of them are corrected.

Depending on the deformity in the abdomen, it is performed as a total or mini tummy tuck surgery. In total abdominoplasty, it is considered in cases where sagging and fat in the abdomen are prominent and the separation of the abdominal muscles is advanced. If lubrication and sagging are limited to the underbelly region, then mini abdominoplasty is considered. If the location of the navel is to be changed, there will be scars around the navel and in the underwear area.

Usually, liposuction surgery is added to the tummy tuck process. This provides a better appearance.

How long is the operation time?

The average duration of tummy tuck surgeries is between 2-4 hours. Depending on the patient's condition, they are discharged after being kept in the hospital for 1 or 2 days.

Are complications seen in the postoperative period?

After tummy tuck surgery, problems may occur in the healing of the wound, especially in smokers, diabetic patients, patients with additional systemic diseases or patients with various wound healing problems.

What are the points to be considered after the surgery?

During the operation, drains are placed in the operation area to be removed after 1 - 4 days in order to prevent the accumulation of blood and the fluids we call seroma. In the first few days, the pain is felt less with painkillers. Day by day, the pain begins to decrease and the patient begins to feel better.

It is recommended for patients to walk by leaning forward to avoid tension in the suture line, especially for the first few days, and to sleep with a pillow on their back during sleep.

If the patient does not work in a heavy job, he returns to work after an average of 1-2 weeks. However, it is recommended to use a corset for about 1-1.5 months. It is recommended to stay away from heavy exercises for 2-3 months.

It takes an average of 6-12 months for the swelling in the abdomen to completely pass and the abdomen to take the desired shape. After tummy tuck surgery, patients should pay attention to their weight and avoid excessive weight gain.

Patients who have a lot of weight and are planning to lose this weight, and those who plan to become pregnant in the future after losing their excess weight, should postpone this surgery until after delivery.

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